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The Riverview Cemetery Association seeks to provide documentation of cemetery burial locations and dates.  Below you will find Directory files organized by Location within the cemetery, as well as Alphabetically by burial name.  The map below is available for location reference.

About the Directory:  The Riverview Cemetery Association, in recognition of a need for historical and accurate documentation, values one of its goals of recording cemetery burial information for public access.

Map Image.jpg

Creation and maintenance of a directory of family names, dates and grave locations continues to be a tedious and long-term project undertaken by many interested individuals over many years’ time.  Early leaders of this endeavor include Mrs. Rachael Pettit Palmer, Mrs. Ann Cullens, Mrs. Billie Davis, and Mr. William A. (Bill) Teasley.  Mr. Teasley compiled, organized, and edited the most comprehensive edition in 2004, which includes historical notes and insights, and which forms the basis of our current 2023 Edition, updated and produced in digital format by Mrs. Sandra Dunn (Green) Henry. 

Full cemetery surveying and mapping was a long-term project completed in recent years and includes locations of unmarked graves.  

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