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Riverview Cemetery is a historic privately managed cemetery consisting of family-owned lots and individual graves under the management, and receiving general maintenance, by Riverview Cemetery Association, Inc. 


Please contact the Riverview Cemetery Association relative to all internments, lot constructions  or other matters affecting the cemetery property, as well as for Association membership and family contact information updates.


Riverview Cemetery is located on the periphery of the business district of Canton, Georgia, behind the historic marble Courthouse and Justice Center buildings.  The property is partially surrounding the Cherokee Arts Center (former Canton First Methodist Church) located at 94 North Street.


Riverview Cemetery is open to the public during daylight hours as a place of tranquil reflection and historic research.  Pedestrian traffic is encouraged.  Roadways are narrow and unimproved, with access  limited to family and service vehicles.


A directory of known burial history and general grave locations is available for download or from the Association via email inquiry.  Many graves are unidentified.  Mapping, area designations and improved historic family lot descendant contact information are Association goals.


Riverview cemetery was originally established on donated land around the year 1844 and was generally known as Canton Cemetery.  The original cemetery was expanded by private development beginning around 1923, and continuing through the 1960's, under the name River-View Cemetery, although records from this development are scarce.  Riverview Cemetery Association was established and incorporated by local concerned citizens and various cemetery lot owners to provide maintenance and oversight in 1989.  Association membership includes known family representatives and descendants.


There are no new lots or grave sites available for purchase in Riverview Cemetery at the current time.


Riverview Cemetery Association is a domestic nonprofit Georgia corporation with IRS 501(c)(13) recognition.  Donations to the Association are welcomed.  


Riverview Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery as defined by current terminology.  The Association strives to provide grass mowing and general landscape care, as well as care for  individual grave burial areas.  Upkeep of family owned lots, including wall and monument upkeep and landscape ground coverage, is the responsibility of family descendants. 

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